lighthouse Lighthouse Home Inspection Services

Some Items Included in Our Home Inspection

Structural Conditions
We will throughly inspect all structural components and bring to the surface any faults discovered. The foundation is carefully checked for soundness.

Heating System
Very often the heating system may be in need of serious repair. Detection of such repairs allows the buyer time to assess costs before the purchase.

Roof and Attic
We will inspect the flashing, gutters, insulation and ventilation, the roof conditons and approximate life expectancy.

Electrical System
Your home's electrical system is one of the most important components of our inspection. Repairs can be costly and left unresolved can be a hazard to your family's safety.

You get a thorough computer printed report within one day after the inspection. Also tips on maintenance, energy conservation and special notes and information pertaining to your inspection.

We stongly urge the buyer to be present during the inspection and we will answer any questions asked during the inspection.

Call for more information or to schedule an inspection.